Anime Iwai: Rush, Hello from the con chair

Anime Iwai: Rush is almost here. Running November 15th-17th in our Marriott North location base in Fort Lauderdale. Over the next couple of weeks as we lead up to the convention weekend, a series of blogs will be posted so you can see everything we have to offer this year. We have quite a few changes this year and I wanted you know about us as we "Rush" to the finish. 

The more things change though, the more they stay the same. At the end of the convention, our first convention chair, the lovely senpai, Carol decided to step back and taught all of us how to say good bye (don't worry, shes still a very big part of the convention). The staff then voted who should try to rise up to lead the show. Much to my surprise, I was nominated to do my best and lead Anime Iwai. Who am I though? 

My name is Paul Cohen. Some of you know me already. Some of you know my name. Some of you know my face. More than a few of you though,  know me because last year I asked you to #becool

(also in the photo is one of the talented moshi moshi watermelon artist)

I've been with Anime Iwai since year 1 aka Rise. I have been the guy who acts behind the scenes helping build the main events space, run the tech booth, fix panelist issues so events can keep running, and a LOT of other things. This was a role I have never thought I would have to, or would be able to do. As the year has gone on though, I've seen the excitement from fans, the support of my friends, the love of the community, and its shown me otherwise. 

The staff has been working extremely hard this past year and I can not wait for everyone to see it. Come back Friday as I will be talking about the some of the events we are offering this year. 

Your Senpai,


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