Iwai Soar Update #3

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***Welcome to Mini Iwai Adventures, the third episode of the Anime Iwai Soar Updates series!***
***If you're in no mood for a text adventure, please scroll to the bottom of the page for Anime Iwai Updates***
**Be sure to check out our new personality quiz for a sneak peek at our upcoming event!**

You awaken to find yourself in a nondescript log cabin. The only thing of note in the room (besides yourself) is a piece of paper that is glowing and hovering approximately five feet off the floor.

>examine self

As good-looking as ever!


You are not currently carrying anything. You are wearing clothes of a generic persuasion.


You are in a nondescript log cabin. The only thing of note in the room (besides yourself) is a piece of paper that is glowing and hovering approximately five feet off the floor. There is an exit to the east.


Don't you think you should examine the glowing piece of paper?


You attempt to open the eastern door. It is locked. Perhaps looking at the glowing piece of paper would help?

>punch door

The door does not take damage. You wish you could say the same for your bloodied knuckles!

**HP: 95/100**

>kick door

A sharp pain travels up your leg as your foot connects with the door - that hurt! The door is unscathed. You get the feeling that the door is an immutable force utterly immune to your feeble, mortal attempts to damage it. Perhaps you should read the glowing note?

**HP: 90/100**

>punch narrator

Are you kidding me?! Fine.

A tremor rocks the log cabin, causing you to fall backwards onto the unyielding wood. The northern, western, and southern walls remain intact, but the eastern wall, door and all, is suddenly torn asunder - the fourth wall has been broken. Squinting, you see someone beyond the splintered wood and falling debris.

YOU RECOGNIZE THIS FACE. The source springs unbidden and terrifyingly to mind.


You need to stand first!


You are now standing.


I was kidding earlier. There is no escape.

Minnie Iwai, Dread Herald of Merriment, has entered the room.

>look at minnie

For the briefest moment, your eyes and hers meet. The two perfect, inescapable pinpricks of absolute darkness are like black holes clad in flesh. You wrench your gaze away, but you are certain you lost something in the exchange.

"All you had to do was read the note, silly!" Minnie says in a sing-song voice, her beatific smile never leaving her lips. "Would that have been so hard?"

>beg for forgiveness

I'm sorry, I don't understand that command. I'd tell you to type "help" for a list of commands, but honestly there's no way out of this one.

Minnie skips playfully over to the glowing note, reaching up with her tiny but infinitely powerful hands to grasp it. "Don't worry - I'll do it for you! Anything for a loyal fan, after all!"

Mini Iwai 2017

As you may already be aware, Mini Iwai 2017 is a mere two weeks away! The one day event will be held on Sunday, June 18th between 12 PM and 8 PM at the DoubleTree by Hilton Deerfield Beach, the same location as Anime Iwai: Soar. Admission is only $5 for the day, but purchasing a weekend pass to Anime Iwai: Soar grants you free admission to the event.

Additionally, to celebrate Father's Day we are giving free admission to any fathers attending the event if they are accompanied by their child(ren)! Take a look at some of the amazing content that we are miraculously managing to cram into 8 hours:

Also be sure to check out our first sneak peek of the new event premiering at Mini Iwai - a personality quiz! There's a lot more planned in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.

Last but not least, there are a limited number of tables remaining for vendors/artists at the Mini Iwai event, so the deadline has been extended to June 11th. If you're interested in plying your wares at our fair convention just click on the banner below!

Minnie Iwai, Dread Herald of Merriment has a voice like an angel - never intended to be heard by mortals. You writhe in simultaneous exaltation and despair, the knowledge of the savings and fun that can be had by attending Mini Iwai utterly consuming you.

**HP: 1/100**

Minnie giggles, rolling up the glowing announcement and tossing it at your feet. "See you at Mini Iwai!" In a blinding flash of light she vanishes.

>pick up paper

With all of your remaining strength you extend a trembling hand and pick up the glowing piece of paper.

***YOU WIN!***

Your score is: [ERROR]/100

Type "quit" to close this program or "restart" to play again.


I'll... I'll just take that as a "quit."

We hope you play again soon - goodbye!



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