Meet the Guests

Who will you being going into Orbit with?

Meet the Guests!

Paul St. Peter, twice nominated for BTVA Awards, is a voice actor from Los Angeles, whose many anime and video game credits include KINGDOM HEARTS (Xemnas), NARUTO (Nine Tail Fox), ONE PUNCH MAN (Beast King), DIGIMON (Wormmon, Leomon), ROBOTECH (Zor Prime), BLEACH (Yammy Riyalgo), and many more!
Krystal LaPorte is a voice actress living in Dallas, TX. By day, Krystal is an attorney specializing in criminal defense. By night, she is the Batman. Just kidding, by night she watches Netflix and sobs into her cats. Although, once her eyes finally give out from years of scrutinizing legal memoranda, she's considering a second career protecting Hell's Kitchen. 
Open House Studio launched May 8, 2017 with the goal in mind to explore our imagination and make them come alive! Open House Studio has been involved in helping young voice actors not only learn the right way of voicing characters but gain the experience and necessary feedback to grow. The president of the studio (Nicholas Cruz) personally listens to all auditions and questions that are asked to get the right knowledge in voice acting.
Shaken not Stirred Burlesque, Tallahassee’s premier burlesque troupe, is a tantalizingly immersive experience that leaves audiences thirsty for more! We feature vocal and dance numbers from a variety of decades and genres in addition to classic sideshow acts and Nerdlesque numbers. 
Be sure not to miss their performances on Friday and Saturday nights!
The 3000 Brigade are here to keep the peace in the Nintendo Universe... and put on kick-ass shows! We are a troupe of performers committed to creating enjoyable Nintendo/Video Game-parody shows, rated "M" for mature!

The 3000 Brigade has been preforming for multiple conventions since 2007. Every show is new and different and preformed only ONCE! So you won't want to miss it Saturday night!
VOCAMERICA is a certified Fan-Produced VOCALOID concert event featuring Western VOCALOIDS and Vocal Synths. The project is the creation of Virginia-based VOCALOID producer EmpathP. The goal of VOCAMERICA is to educate and entertain fans of this ever-growing musical phenomenon with emphasis on the more uncommon Western VOCALOIDs. This is achieved through providing live holographic concerts, lectures, and workshops to conventions and expos all over the world. Don't miss their shows on Saturday and Sunday!

Meet the Guest Panelists!

Nerds Know is one of the latest panel entertainment groups to hit the convention scene. We were originally lone panelists, bringing top quality panels to various conventions. Individually there was only so much we could do! While the panels we hosted were awesome, we were limited to our respected fields such as Disney, Comic Books, and Anime. That is when lighting struck and we decided to combine our talents and knowledge. We were nerds and together we knew it all…we were Nerds Know! Our topics range from anime to cartoons to Disney and just about anything else in the nerd spectrum.
Moshi Moshi Watermelon is a small South Florida based group run by three girls; Ellis, Panda, and Panchii! We started out in 2014 after realizing our desire to sell all things kawaii. Since then we’ve sold at over 30 conventions and our numbers continue to rise! We hope to slowly move up to other states and expand our fanbase so that we can provide our unique products to more people around the country 
Catch many of our panels at Anime Iwai, as well as a J-Fashion Show we will be hosting!

Meet our Cosplay Guests and Judges!

(Picture Left to Right, starting with the top row)
Cosplay Guest and Judge: Athel Artistry
Cosplay Guest and Judge: 9Lives Armory
Best in Show Winner, Anime Iwai: Soar: NSCosplay
Cosplay Director: Technically Toki

Read more about our Cosplay Guests and enter our contests HERE

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