Covid-19 Q and A


Anime Iwai: Yatta Covid-19 Q and A

Presented here is a series of questions and answers, that we hope will help any questions that you might have about Anime Iwai and our response to Covid-19 and its impact on us. This page will continually be updated as required.

What Is Anime Iwai: Evo Requiring for covid protocols?

We are currently planning to follow all state, county, and city ordinances / requirements for events. We will be posting more specific and detailed policies come the end of September. We understand circumstances are unique and challenging. We act in the best nature of the community and our staff to ensure everyone is protected and safe.

What happens if I bought a ticket to Anime Iwai: Yatta?

If you have already acquired a ticket for Anime Iwai: Yatta, your pass is automatically transferred to Anime Iwai: Evo

What if I need the money back for the pass I have already purchased?

We understand times are tough for everyone, if you need a refund,  please email to begin the process.