Panels and Events

Suddenly finding herself in feudal Japan, schoolgirl Kagome teams up with half-demon Inuyasha to retrieve the scattered shards of a sacred jewel. In partnership with Nerds Know, Anime Iwai is proud to announce that we will be hosting an Anime Cel Gallery featuring artwork from the beloved series Inuyasha. Each cel and sketch that you will see in the gallery are one-of-a-kind and used in the making of the show. This event is FREE with your Anime Iwai badge. 

 1,2,3 PILLOW FIGHT! Anime Iwai is proud to announce the inaugural year for Late Night Japanese Pillow Fight! Grab your jammies and be prepared for the most cut competition this side of the Tri-Rail.  Compete against your fellow weebs for ultimate bed-time supremacy. This event is FREE with your Anime Iwai membership. Pillows & comforters will be provided by the convention.


Welcome to Hit the Stage: Anime Iwai's first ever Idol Fest! This Idol Fest has a twist: We want to shine a spotlight on new idols and groups, and provide a space for newcomers in the community to shine on stage! We also want to give more established idols an opportunity to explore new ways to reinvent themselves on stage. 

More information regarding this event will be coming soon!