Fractal Spaces: Interactive Game

Welcome, Agents, to the space station Orbit! An attempt has been made on the Empress’ life, and only you can help! Join us at Anime Iwai for the brand-new scavenger hunt story game, Fractal Spaces.

How to Play Fractal Spaces

Sign up and join a team!

The more you play, the more you’ll change the outcome of the story in favor for your team.

  • Team Blue - the Discere: Join Team Blue if you favor problem solving via research, cunning, and knowledge.
  • Team Red - the Noxalis: Join Team Red if you prefer to follow the rules and solve problems with directness and confidence.
  • Team Green - Join Team Green if you’re the talkative type, approaching problems with clever words and social connections.

The winner will be found innocent and the loser proven guilty! Will they be back for revenge next year? Play to find out.

Get a Scorecard

Each scorecard has six spaces that need to be filled in. One for each team Captain, one for the Seer, one for the Regent, and one for the Empress. Fill out your scorecard and turn it in to score a point for your team. More points will lead your team to victory! You can fill a scorecard out as many times as you want, but beware:

  • Enemy team Captains may send you on a scavenger hunt to find things around the con, or challenge you to a trivia contest! No cheating by using your phones.
  • The characters will only be available during certain times of the day, so keep an eye out.
  • If a question or a task is too hard, the Seer can give hints and the Regent can command Captains to give you a mark… but neither of them will do this for free! It’s up to their whims whether or not their own marks will come with a price.
  • Find all three Captains, the Seer, and the Regent to score a point for your team. Be on the lookout for everyone before and after Anime Iwai events.


  • A mark from the Empress makes your scorecard count as two points! She’ll only be active for a very short period of time. Collect this rare mark to push your team into the lead!

Join us for the Final outcome

Scores will be tallied Sunday afternoon and the outcome will be revealed! Watch the website for how the story will unfold for next year.