Steve has been prowling around conventions since 1994, but he started in the industry long before that. When he was just a kid living in Japan, he landed a part time job working with Noburu Furusei (New Dominion Tank Police, Lupin III, etc.) at Studio Aoehyma in Tokyo. He worked on series like Urusei Yatsura and Yamamoto, before moving back to the States.

As an adult, Steve worked with Studio Ironcat, a manga-publication company, from 1997 to 2004 and worked on several web comics, including The Angel of St. Thomas and Life with Steve. He’s attended a zillion conventions teaching cel painting classes and drawing on anything that moves. Steve has also spoken at institutions such as the Iowa Museum of Art, the Freer Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, and Loyola University.

After spending the last seven years living in Japan, Steve and his wife Nikki moved to the Seattle area. He’s busy with several projects: designing covers for Nikki’s publication company, Firedrake Books, working on commissions, and heading to anime cons whenever he gets the chance. Looking forward to seeing everyone again at Anime Iwai!

Krystal LaPorte

Krystal LaPorte is a voice actress living in Houston, Texas. She hates long walks on the beach because that requires physical effort and is probably difficult to do in a snuggie. Krystal is currently a law school student because up until now her life has been far too happy and she would enjoy nothing more than to spend the next 50+ years paying off student loans and regretting life choices. She is also going to stop speaking in the third person now because it makes her feel pompous. Hello, Palm Beach! I am absolutely honored to have been invited to meet you all at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I’ve been a fan of these magical books since I was about 9, and am so excited to meet other Slyther-


Wait, what? But…Florida…I thought…Oh. Anime. Yeah I do that too.

Well now I’m regretting that Death Eater tattoo.

If you know my name at all, it's probably for my role as Mirai Kuriyama in Beyond the Boundary, or Yui Takamura in Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse. Other roles that come to mind are Frederika in Chaika: The Coffin Princess, Shiori Asagiri in Tamako Market, Mitsuhide Akechi in The Ambition of Oda Nobuna, Himiko in Nobunaga the Fool, and Yui Goido/Mars in The World God Only Knows: Goddesses. Some other shows I've leant my voice to are Log Horizon, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, Diabolik Lovers, Little Busters, AKB0048 (in which I also wrote the English Lyrics), Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions, and more I don't feel like listing whoo-hoo! I can’t wait to meet you all and have a great time at Anime Iwai! If you see me wandering around, be sure to say hello!

DJ Kagamine

Cosplayer by day, DJ by night. DJ Kagamine has focused his career on being a DJ and a convention goer at the same time. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, he is a lifelong musical enthusiast and is proud to be providing some serious beats for wherever he is playing. DJ Kagamine has performed at Ramencon, Kollision Con, Anime Central, Otakon Vegas, and more. Prepare for the entrancing and sometimes chilling feels as he provides tracks ranging from various genres, including House, Hardcore, and everything in between. Both inspired and inspiring, he personally hopes to see all of you on your feet as he drops the beat until the night ends and leave you frothing for more!