ROOM 515

ROOM 515

$ 288.00

Room configuration: 2 Queen Beds

Use this page to reserve room 515 on the Hospitality Floor for the Friday and Saturday nights of Anime Iwai. You will be one of the 24 lucky roomholders at the center of the action at Florida's hottest anime convention! Noise and open-container rules will be relaxed within reason. Free self-parking and wifi. No pets, with the exception of Japanese Martens. You may use the room to promote a business or group. Upon going through the checkout process you will be charged the full room cost upfront, this amount is non-refundable as long as the con takes place.  If you want to reserve this room for a longer period, please email ASAP and we'll attempt to extend your reservation at the same nightly rate.

Check in time: 4PM Friday

Check out time: 11AM Sunday

Not-so-fine-print: BE A GOOD ANIME CON NEIGHBOR!! Although the hospitality floor will not be held to normal hotel quiet standards, noise from your room must not be heard on other floors. To that end we will enforce a new rule that no amplified sound or professional DJ gear will be allowed on the floor. Consider bluetooth-style speakers instead. Anime Iwai is offering this room as a reservation service for our attendees and the terms here do not supercede the rules set by the Marriott. By buying this room you agree to abide by all rules set by both the Marriott and Anime Iwai covering the room and the Hospitality Floor and are legally responsible for the integrity of the room and the actions of every person in the room. The rules may change. You must be 21 to buy a room. Your room will be private and you are under no obligation to let anyone enter besides official personnel and law enforcement if necessary. The maximum number of people staying per room is set by the hotel and fire marshall and you must not exceed this. You agree to bring any complaints about the room or the Hospitality Floor to the Ops station in room 508 and not involve the Marriott front desk.  Access to the Hospitality Floor, and thus your room, is limited to Anime Iwai passholders only. Your room will be inspected at check in and check out by Anime Iwai staff and any damage will be your responsibility. Clean up after your Japanese Marten. You will need to place a credit card on file at the front desk to cover incidentals and damages.