Did you know? You can get an upgrade for your pass?

Hello everyone! I know many of you know our normal weekend pass rates and our one day pass rates as they are on our admissions page and perhaps you attended Mini Iwai,  But did you notice our other options?

Our one star is a bit pricier than general admission as it is our first level VIP pass. One star Passes get con swag such as the T-shirt of the year (this year it is designed by Steve Bennett) and an Anime Iwai Collectable item. This year’s collectable items are: A Haru pillow that is designed as one of our convention mascots; and a wall scroll which has an artwork done by Steve Bennet of our three Mascots: Aki the Japanese Marten, Haru the Bird and Kazoku our Dog mascot.

If you choose our two star pass you get to have the t-shirt, the collectible item, other Anime Iwai Swag, a premium ticket for one of our premium events of your choice (without paying extra for said ticket. Premium events are usually an extra ticketed event that you have to pay a separate price to go to besides our usual Pass fee), front row reserved seating for the main events, and a dedicated VIP Liaison dedicated to helping you with any questions they can answer.

If you purchase a three star pass you get everything a two star pass holder receives for all the years that Anime Iwai occurs for the future. It’s like a one-time purchase that lasts for all the years to come. You can return every year without making another payment for admission for years to come.

I just wanted to make sure you knew all your options. If you wanted to get one of our star passees but already bought a weekend pass, no worries we can upgrade your pass to any level we have available! We hope to see you at our convention in a week!


Head of Anime Iwai

Andrea ”Smiles” Baar

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