Rules and Guidelines

Wear your event badge at all times.

An oddly-mirrored badge may be your friends’ only clue that you have been abducted and replaced with an evil extradimensional clone. It’s also good for getting into the con.


We want everyone to have a great weekend at Anime Iwai. To ensure that, below is the list of rules and guidelines we ask everyone to follow.

  1. First and foremost, listen to and abide to all directions of Anime Iwai staff.

  2. Wear your event badge visibly at all times in Anime Iwai designated areas, including but not limited to the dealers room, event floor, and event locations.

  3. Be prepared to show ID if you're carrying alcoholic drinks and/or if you’re attending +18 events.

  4. Appropriate attire must be worn by all attendees during daytime hours any time prior to 10:00 PM. Please do not wear outfits featuring adult, sexually illicit, and/or erotic themes. Practice common sense.

  5. Inappropriate behavior in Anime Iwai designated areas, such as violence, obstructing hotel hallways, lewd acts, or obscene language/conduct, is prohibited.

  6. No smoking and/or vaping outside of designated areas.

  7. To encourage the safety of everyone at Anime Iwai, if you see something that is unsafe or that makes you uncomfortable, say something to an Anime Iwai staff member. No matter is too trivial.

  8. Do not touch someone’s costume, prop, wig, or person without their permission - cosplay is not consent.

  9. Do not perform commercial or business transactions without the prior written consent of Anime Iwai.

  10. We ask that all attendees of Anime Iwai to be aware and respect local/state/federal laws.

  11. By attending our convention you are providing consent for Anime Iwai to use video and picture captured by Anime Iwai for promotional purposes.

  12. Please enjoy yourself and have fun, but not at the expense of others.


All props/weapons must be checked by either Anime Iwai staff security or at the cosplay booth. There are no exceptions. The discretion of the Prop Master is final.

Permitted Weapons and Props

Replicas of firearms are permitted, but the prop must be easily identifiable as a prop weapon.


Prop firearms, such as air soft guns, nerf guns, blowguns, and water guns are permitted, but they must be inoperable and unable to fire any projectile. Yes, nerf darts count – they will be confiscated by our nerf crew.


All fake, prop, or homemade weapons are permitted if they are in no way dangerous to fellow attendees.


Sufficiently blunt wooden staves, swords, and bullwhips are permitted. The swords must be secured in a sheath and bullwhips must be rolled and secured by the peace bonding process.


Costume bows are allowed as long as they are inoperable and cannot shoot projectiles of any kind. Prop arrows are permitted as long as they are not sharply tipped, cannot be fired, and are secured within the quiver and cannot be removed.

Prohibited Weapons

No firearms are allowed on the premises.


No steel swords that cannot be secured in a sheath.


Firearms and guns designed to fire any type of projectile, including (but not limited to) BB guns, pellet guns, paint-ball guns, dart guns, crossbows, potato pellets, and rubber bands are not permitted.


Incendiary weapons, anything that sparks, shoots flame(s), burns, smolders, or can otherwise cause combustion or which exist for no purpose other than to be lit with a combustion device are prohibited.


Self-defense weapons, such as pepper spray, mace, stun-guns, tasers, and/or metal or wooden baseball bats are not allowed.


Other prohibited items, such as skateboards, golf clubs, paddles, and signs that are not integral to the costume are prohibited.


If your prop does does meet acceptable standards, as in the guidelines forementioned, you will be asked to store them in your room/vehicle. Repeat offenders will have prop(s) confiscated until registration closes at end of day(7:30pm)