Thank you for your interest in joining the Anime Iwai Volunteer Team. To begin your journey, fill out one of these two applications:

Anime Iwai 2024 Volunteer Information

Thank you for your interest in joining the Anime Iwai Volunteer Team


Apparently we're not supposed to send press gangs around the harbor these days so here's the next best thing: our online google form application!


Anime Iwai Volunteer Application   Anime Iwai Volunteer form


Your application will be reviewed by the Volunteer Coordinator to evaluate your skills and interest in reference to volunteering. If you have any questions regarding volunteering or your application, please email volunteers@animeiwai.com


As a volunteer, you are eligible to receive day passes, weekend passes, shirts, swag, and other cool perks as available based on the hours volunteered


Volunteering is the best way to become a member of our permanent staff! All positions are voluntary and do not receive monetary compensation or benefits, and do not make you an employee of our parent not-for-profit corporation. 


Besides the fact that you’re awesome for thinking about volunteering, it’s also a great way to see what staffing a con is like, before joining full time. If you volunteer for more than one set of hours a day, you're probably as crazy in love with Conventions as we are!



Please read all guidelines before signing up to volunteer!

Convention Volunteering Hours:

  • FRIDAY 9 AM – 12 AM (midnight)
  • SATURDAY AM – 12 AM (midnight)
  • SUNDAY  9 AM – 9 PM

Volunteer slots are first come, first served, so get them while they're hot! You can choose any desired slots when filling out our Volunteer Application. Friday early Setup and Sunday Close-down hours are worth more hours. 

If you are cosplaying, please note you cannot have your face covered.


To be a Volunteer, YOU MUST:

  • Be respectful and have a positive attitude
  • Be at least 16 years of age prior to the first day of the Convention. 

Volunteer Perks! Anime Iwai appreciates EVERYTHING our volunteers do! Anime Iwai Volunteer T-Shirt, swag and more! See form for more information.

Common Volunteer Tasks:

Volunteer Duties & Possible Assignments: Set Up / Break Down, Working with Registration, Badge Checking, Ushering Main Events / Seating, Delivering Items, Controlling Lines, Finding / Locating Staff for Inquiries, Assisting Anime Iwai Panelists, Monitoring Video Screening Rooms, and much more!

Badge Checking:

You must verify attendee’s badges to make sure they are registered for the day’s events.

If assigned to door check, 18+ or 21+ events, you will need to check driver’s license / legal ID as well as Convention ID badge.

Set up/Break down:

Set up and Break Down Shifts are available, Friday early Setup and Sunday Close-down hours are worth more hours.

The Set up and Break down volunteers will work directly with Anime Iwai STAFF to get the convention up and running and put away on time and on schedule. This requires volunteers who can commit to being available before and/or after the convention. These tasks are primarily occurring on Friday and Sunday, but assisting by special request at other times may be available.

As these tasks are more physically intensive, volunteers accepted to this team will earn additional volunteer hours.

Common Volunteer FAQ

What is the job of a volunteer? 

Volunteers are a dedicated group of individuals who perform various tasks to help keep the convention running smoothly. You are expected to show up on time and do what is asked of you, within reason of course. Please be friendly and polite to our Anime Iwai STAFF, all convention attendees and behave in a professional manner when representing Anime Iwai.

I’ve never volunteered before. Is that a problem?

You don't have to have volunteered with us before in order to volunteer. We also offer opportunities for High school students to complete their required volunteer hours.

If I volunteer, how long do I have to work?

We can work a schedule around your availability. We want you to enjoy the convention! Volunteers will be assigned in 3-5 hour time blocks. Please notify the Anime Iwai Volunteer Coordinator if you must leave any assignment early. See form for more information.

If you’ve any other questions, please email the Anime Iwai Volunteer Coordinator at volunteers@animeiwai.com



Volunteering is the best way to make you way to being a member of our staff! All staff must participate in one year of volunteering, with few exceptions to this rule. Exceptions occur when, we have an area of the staff in need of specific, experienced, help. The following are areas we are currently looking for help in:  

  • Marketing
  • Headless Lounge Coordinator

Do understand that Anime Iwai is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization and all positions are voluntary and do not receive monetary compensation. Perks of staff status include access to a staff lounge stocked with food during events, hotel rooms during our three day convention, exclusive trips and parties, staff only swag, priority panel scheduling, and much more! 

If you have experience in the above, please fill out a staff application. For questions, please email Headostaff@animeiwai.com.