Hosting a Party

For those of you who didn’t immediately Google, “what is an 'iwai'?” upon seeing the name of our convention, I am sorry to disappoint you – it is not the pre-evolution of an ewok. Instead, "iwai" means “celebration.” It’s no surprise that conventions are all about celebrating, given that a convention is just a large celebration itself, but we’ve always wanted to make our convention an environment where anyone can celebrate their common interests however they want. With that in mind, here is some information on how to make the most out of throwing a party at Anime Iwai:

  • If you want to throw a party, be sure to book one of the 24 rooms on the Hospitality Floor, a floor of the hotel set aside specifically for party activities. This can be done by CLICKING HERE and booking your hotel room through the Hospitality Floor link. Noise and activity are acceptable at all hours on this floor, so please keep that in mind if you plan on trying to sleep there!
  • Speaking of noise. To ensure that parties  are able to go as long as they want, we have to prohibit parties from having amplified sound set ups that can be heard from the floors above or below.
    • Alcohol is permitted at parties, but parties that serve alcohol are responsible for checking the ID of everyone attending and ensuring that there is no underage drinking. Inebriated minors might be funny on TV, but those people are paid actors in a fictional world where fines and jail time are generally covered via a montage and the liberal use of a laugh track – us real people are afforded no such luxury.

    • Advertise your party! There will be a place available on the Hospitality Floor to post information about your party if you want to be a good comrade and invite the proletariat to your glorious celebration. Although it should go without saying, be sure to keep personal belongings out of reach of sticky fingers – neither the hotel nor Anime Iwai are responsible if a totally legitimate fellow in a dingy bathrobe makes off with your Gideon’s Bible.

    • Related to the above: if your party is not open to the public, please consider keeping your room door closed – it is easy for people to get the wrong idea otherwise. Obviously, nobody is entitled to attend a party, and the host has the final word on who is allowed to attend, but it will save everyone a huge headache if one is not able to simply walk into your door.

    • Be creative! There is no time of day or type of activity that can’t be run through the party grinder and turned into fun times with friends. Previous years have seen everything from breakfast parties and chocolate fountains to drinking games and pillow fights, so go nuts! Just be sure not to break any rules issued by Anime Iwai, the hotel, or the United States government. Although it is not forbidden to break the laws of the Seelie Court, we recommend against incurring the wrath of Oberon and Titania.

    • Above all, don’t forget the most important thing about throwing a party, either here at Anime Iwai or anywhere else – enjoy yourself!
    If you have any further questions or concerns about throwing a party at Anime Iwai, please feel free to e-mail us at