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Shore Leave Cosplay BBQ & Mini Iwai

That's right, dear readers - after spending many a night laying on your bed, sighing and staring at the ceiling and longing for the day that your heartthrob Anime Iwai would call, it has finally happened! Better yet, Anime Iwai is asking you out on a date. Wait, double that - two dates! May 20th and June 18th, to be specific. Gwenblairessica, your arch-rival, is going to be sooooooooo jealous.May 20th is the date of Shore Leave, Anime Iwai's 2017 cosplay barbecue. You think fondly back on last year's backyard barbecue rendezvous, your heart skipping a beat: Looking at your calendar, you gasp - May 20th is this Saturday! What will you wear?! The thought of missing an opportunity to have...

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