General Questions
When does the convention begin?
Where is the convention?
Are children allowed?
If I pre-register, what do I bring to get my badge?
Can I pick up badges for other people?
Can I cancel a registration?
How can I volunteer?
What do I need in order to enter 18+ or 21+ events?

What is allowed on the con floor?
How much noise can I make on the con floor?
What kind of room parties can I throw?

Chibi Pa and Anime Iwai
What is the connection between Chibi Pa and Anime Iwai?
Will you honor Chibi Pa Lifetime Passes?
How will business arrangements with Chibi Pa Festivities, Inc. work with Anime Iwai?
How will business arrangements with Jason Bailey work with Anime Iwai?

General Questions

Q: When does the convention begin? Hotel staff get mad at me when I wait in their lobby for six months.

A: Anime Iwai runs from November 10th - 12th. Our special hotel rates run from November 7th - 15th though, so feel free to give yourself extra time to visit scenic Deerfield Beach.

Q: Where is the convention and how do I get there? I am not a clever man.

A: You can find the hotel address and a map of the area on our Location page.

Q: I have acquired a child. Can I bring them to the convention?

A: Of course! Children are welcome at Anime Iwai. Please just be sure to always keep an eye on them. Also be aware that there are some 18+ panels at night that are not suitable for minors.

Q: I have pre-registered because I am smart and beautiful. What do I need to bring to get my badge?

A: All you need to bring is a valid form of photo ID, such as a driver’s license, military ID, state-issued ID, passport, school identification, or credit card, as long as it has a photo on it.

Q: Can I pick up badges for other people? My ADC and Jungler are both busy ganking mid.

A: Sorry, but you can only pick up your own badge and badges for your children.

Q: Although I have pre-registered, a kaiju attack has prevented me from attending Anime Iwai. Can I cancel my registration or give it to someone else?

A: Our apologies, but we do not offer refunds or transfers.

Q: I wish to join the ranks of your Volunteer army. My life for Iwai!

A: To become a Volunteer, e-mail volunteers@animeiwai.com. Dedicated Volunteers can earn a free Weekend Pass and other cool swag!

Q: I plan on attending an 18+ or 21+ event to experience the heights of refinement and culture. What do I need to bring?

A: For obvious reasons, a valid government photo ID is required for admission to any 18+ or 21+ events. A sense of humor also helps.


Q: I am interested in bringing my flamethrower and a cask of smuggled Icelandic fish-rum onto the con floor. Is that allowed?

A: Although you sound like an extremely interesting person, absolutely not. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the con floor and genuine weapons (or any weapons made of metal) should be left at home. For specifics, please see our rules and guidelines.

Q: I am gifted with prodigious lungs and can perfectly imitate the death wail of the dreaded banshee. Can I share this amazing talent with everyone on the con floor?

A: Excessive volume on the con floor is not allowed, especially if it forces all creatures within a 40-ft radius to make a DC 23 Fortitude save or take 140 damage.

Q: I am going to throw a room party that will make Valhalla look like Sunday school. Will I be stopped?

A: Be sure to book a room on the Hospitality Floor if you plan on throwing any parties or making too much noise late at night. When in doubt, practice common sense - consult with Anime Iwai staff or the hotel.

Q: Why do some people ignore/actively flee from my photographic prowess? I’ve covered wars, you know!

A: Photos are great and many people appreciate the attention, but sometimes people have places to be or just aren’t interested in photos at the moment. Be respectful - another great shot is just around the corner.

Chibi Pa and Anime Iwai

Q: What is the connection between Chibi Pa and Anime Iwai?

A: Anime Iwai is a reinvention of our previous convention, Chibi Pa. After ten years, we outgrew the Chibi Pa brand. Chibi Pa means “small party,” and while small parties are definitely fun, we don't want that to define us anymore. For our second decade and beyond, we want to think bigger.

Q: I previously purchased a 3-Star (Lifetime) Pass to Chibi Pa. Will you honor it?

A: Absolutely! We are the same organization and will always value our long-term relationships with the attendees who believed in us enough to buy those passes.

Q: I had a business relationship with Chibi Pa Festivals, Inc. How will this affect me?

A: Our corporate address, nonprofit status, tax certificates, and banking information are unchanged. Any deals made specifically with Chibi Pa Festivals, Inc. are still in effect.

Q: I had a business relationship with Chibi Pa's founder, Jason Bailey. How will this affect me?

A: Jason Bailey retired after 2014's Chibi Pa: Suki Desu and is no longer associated with Chibi Pa Festivals, Inc. or Anime Iwai. We cannot honor any deals that weren't made specifically with Chibi Pa Festivals, Inc., except for Lifetime Passes.