Premium Events

Anime Iwai is proud to offer our attendees a select few exclusive events that can take your convention experience to a level not seen at any other Florida anime conventions.  Since food and/or cocktails are served at all of these events, there will be an additional cost. Tickets are extremely limited: all three events together seat less than 100 people and sell out every year. We suggest you reserve your spot soon! 

Koto and  the Japanese Beer Experience

An unforgettable Anime Iwai exclusive event. Enjoy the plaintive sound of the koto – 13-string harp and national instrument of Japan – while tasting through a range of Japanese Beers specially assembled for this event. Robert Adams from S.S. HANAMI will be playing both traditional and modern music on his koto as well as delving a bit into the instrument's colorful history and answering questions. In between songs, he will give an overview of Japan's beer culture and history and introduce each beer selection while cups are poured for you. 

  • Event length is two hours.
  • Separately ticketed event; pass purchased for Anime Iwai: Soar is required.
  • 21+ ID required.


Nightflight to Venus Tea Party

You are cordially invited to join Aki and Haru for afternoon tea. On Saturday, November 10th our newly refurbished ship will be departing from Anime Iwai Orbit for an exclusive passenger flight to Venus. Formal tea will be served in-flight, featuring delicacies from both Earth and Venus. A limited number of seats are available for $20, or included with a 2-star pass. Formal attire is requested for this special flight, and prizes will be given for the best outfits.


The Chamise: Iwai's Executive Teahouse

Participate in a traditional Japanese-inspired tea ceremony. Everyone must wear traditional attire, either bring your own formal Japanese outfit or choose from a collection generously loaned to the event for the day by ______.