Table Top Gaming

Diamond Dust Gaming is a Dungeons & Dragons 5E table-top game group composed of DMs & nerds who like to roll shiny weird dice and provide tabletop gaming services. Our sessions are filled with action, adventure, magic, and just a touch of death defying make believe. We seek to share & tell stories that our players can immerse themselves into, and teach those who do not already know the enjoyment of a shared tabletop roleplaying. You and a group of players can rescue a town, slay a mighty beast, or just get into a variety of hijinks. Also, a variety of shiny click-clacks and knick-knacks will be available for those who seek to continue their adventures beyond the session.
Brought together by fortune’s favor, the members of Diamond Dust Gaming have officially joined forces in 2020 to pool their collective talents. Filled with Dungeons and Dragons 5e’s Adventurer’s League veterans, long-time game masters, crafters, and more, they plan to fill your hours with D&D panels, tabletop gaming, and more.
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Diamond Dust Gaming DND Session Information:

- All sessions provided will be free to anyone who wishes to join. All materials can be provided by the DM, but materials may also be purchased.

- Sessions will have a maximum of 5 participants to limit the size, time, and more. This will limit space, but we are working to provide with enough DMs to not make this much of an issue.

- Adventures provided will be from Adventurer's League modules, levels 1 to 4 or 5 to 10. This depends on interest and time available.

- Each game will run a maximum of one to three hours.

- Signups will be made in person at the event at the Diamond Dust Gaming Table located on the 2nd floor.

- Games will no longer be started 30 minutes prior to close time.

Hours of Operations

Friday (November 12): 1pm to 12am
Saturday (November 13): 10am to 12am
Sunday (November 14): 10am to 4pm