At Anime Iwai we have several choices in passes for our attendees:
  • One Day Admissions - These passes are only available for purchase in person at our events. This includes one day passes during our multiple day events, as well as admission to our one day events, such as Mini Iwai
  • Weekend Pass - A weekend pass purchased online and pre-register for our November convention works like an admission pass to all events throughout the year. For example, if you were to purchase a weekend pass in the spring, you would receive free admission to Mini Iwai in the Summer. Plus, the earlier you buy, the greater the discount.
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  • One Star Pass - All the power of the Weekend Pass, plus free swag and collectibles!
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  • Two Star Pass - All the power and swag of the One Star Pass plus more swag, VIP seating, and free admission to one special event.
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  • Three Star Pass - All the power and swag of the Two Star Pass for LIFE!
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Special Events

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